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The top 3 reasons to try Infinio Accelerator

Most VM performance problems come down to storage.

If you have enough NAS storage capacity, but are considering buying more hardware to solve a performance problem, try Infinio Accelerator instead.

Here are the top three reasons to use Infinio Accelerator:

  • No hardware required
    Accelerator is a software-only solution that integrates with VMware vSphere to boost your NAS performance. No SSDs or other new hardware are required.
  • Zero downtime required for installation
    Accelerator installs from your desk without taking your environment offline, with no reboots, and with no interruption to your NAS traffic.
  • It’s free for 30 days
    You can download our fully functional free trial, install it, and begin seeing results in just 30 minutes with no downtime and no rebooting.

Find out what Infinio Accelerator can do for your storage performance. Arrange for your free trial now.