Get the World's Fastest VMs

Get the World's Fastest VMs

Server-side caching software

  • Accelerates any VMware storage: SAN, NAS, DAS, HCI, and VSAN. 
  • Increases IOPS and decreases latency by caching the hottest data on server resources such as RAM and flash devices.
  • Native inline deduplication ensures that these resources are used as efficiently as possible, reducing the cost of performance.
  • See results instantly following the non-disruptive, 15-minute installation that doesn’t require any downtime, data migration, or reboots.


What We Do    |    How We Do It    |    Built for Speed

What We Do

We built Infinio to bring high performance I/O to any storage architecture, by building a memory-first architecture that puts the hottest data closest to the applications.  The result is a set of unprecedented performance benefits, giving your more breathing room in your existing environments, and flexibility in how new storage is purchased.

With Infinio, see:

  • 20X decrease in latency
  • 10X increase in throughput
  • Lowest cost for storage 

All in a solution that is incredibly simple to evaluate, implement, and use.



How We Do It

Starting with just 8GB of RAM from each host, Infinio creates a deduplicated cache, which can be increased with additional RAM or with flash devices.  Installed and operational in just 15 minutes, Infinio doesn’t require any changes to your environment or cause any downtime.  The solution is:

Built for Speed

The secret to Infinio’s value lies in our innovative design. Combining a memory-first deduplicated architecture with a scale-out design, Infinio provides unprecedented performance.  This architecture enables:

  • An effective cache size several times the physical RAM and flash resources
  • The performance benefits of RAM with the larger cache size afforded by flash
  • Performance resources that grow at the same pace as your applications