Infinio makes storage faster for VMware

Infinio takes a small amount of RAM from each of your ESX hosts, and pools it together to create a distributed caching layer. Our innovative content-based design means that the cache is deduplicated; this enables Infinio to run exclusively in RAM, avoiding the complexities of SSDs and flash devices.

All it takes is a 30-minute installation that doesn’t require reboots, special training, or changes to your environment.

Once it’s up and running, Infinio becomes your right-hand-man for performance. We serve I/O requests out of cache, speeding up response time and taking traffic off the storage network.  Then, we provide you easy-to-understand visibility into storage performance so you can see how much better things are.

And all of this at half the cost of the nearest competitor.

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Install without the hassle

You can install Infinio in under 30 minutes with no reboots and no new hardware. Why bother with the hassle of SSDs and flash devides when you can get great performance from the RAM already in your servers?

Installation takes your vCenter credentials, four clicks, and you're ready to start accelerating performance. With no disruption to your storage, your applications, or your virtual desktops, it's easy to get started.

Keep your operations the same

With Infinio, there are no changes to your existing storage environment.  Your datastores stay the same, and there are no changes to your snapshots, replication, or backup scripts. Thin provisioning? Array-based cloning? All the value in your storage array keeps working for you as it always has.

You can also keep leveraging all of VMware’s value. Whether you are using VAAI primitives, vMotion, DRS, or other VMware integration, you can keep doing so with Infinio. Even during operations like putting a host into Maintenance Mode or applying a patch, everything will continue to work without any changes to how you’re used to running things.

Even if you’re not the storage person, you can still easily improve storage performance for your VMware environment.


See results easily

Storage performance can be difficult to get a handle on, so Infinio makes it easy for VMware administrators to track. “At-a-glance” statistics show you the offload rates and response-time improvement of the system. More detailed statistics let you see how each datastore is performing, and where Infinio is improving performance and eliminating peak latency. You can easily look at several days of performance, then zoom in to a particular event for more detail. Infinio’s interface is intuitive, requiring no special skills or training to get the information you need about storage performance.

Storage for virtualization

Of the four resources every virtual machine needs — CPU, memory, network, and disk — storage is the one that is remote and shared by many hosts. As more tier-one applications move into virtualization environments, the pressure on storage increases. Infinio is designed to help VMware administrators solve storage performance problems at the server, without having to change anything on the array.

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"Infinio Accelerator lets me squeeze a little more newness out of old hardware."

James Hayes, Divisional Vice President of IT - Hancock Fabrics


Innovative architecture

Infinio’s value stems from our unique architecture:

  • Content-based: Content across an entire cluster is deduplicated, creating a significantly larger effective cache size than the allocated physical memory.
  • Global: All the hosts in the cluster can share the contents of the cache
  • Seamless scale-out: Cache workload is dynamically shared across the cluster
  • Server-side: Resources on application servers are leveraged to improve storage performance

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