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Get Your Demo Today

See How Infinio Transforms Storage Performance:

Increase Your Virtual Storage Speed by 10X

Get microsecond-level cache response time for SAN, NAS, DAS or VSAN

Manage At The Host Level

Infinio allows for significantly easier deployment managementĀ 

Boost Response Time

Delivers 80 microseconds (0.08ms) response time by caching the hottest data on host RAMĀ 

Increase IOPS

Get up to 1,000,000 per host with a tiered cache across RAM and flash devices

Entirely Non-Disruptive

Infinio is contiguous with operations like vMotion, DRS, HA, Storage vMotion, etc.

See How Infinio Works

Infinio solved our problem at one-third of the cost, with no additional hardware and no weeklong install.
Justin Bleich, Director of MIS, Boone County Health Center