Referral Partner Network | Infinio

With a quick evaluation process, moderate price point, and strong value proposition, Infinio software is a great fit for many environments. If you think your customers would benefit, become a referral partner and earn fees, starting with your first referral.

How it works

Approved Infinio referral partners can earn referral fees on sales that result from leads they submit to Infinio.

  1. When you have a lead, submit it using the button below
  2. Enter your authorized partner ID on the form
  3. We'll review your lead and let you know if it qualifies as an Opportunity
  4. If your Opportunity results in a Qualified Purchase within six months, you will receive a referral fee based on that sale

Referral fee payment structure

  • Referral Fee Payment Rate = 15% of net purchase
  • Conversion Time Limit = an opportunity must result in a Qualified Purchase within 6 months
  • Payment Terms = we will pay you (our referral partner) within 60 days after we collect payment from the customer

Training and support

We want you to be successful, and so we offer training and support for our approved Infinio referral partners. However, certification is not required in order to be an Infinio referral partner.

As an approved Infinio referral partner you may take advantage of the following resources:

  • On-demand recorded introductory technical and sales overviews
  • Informational materials such as datasheets and other documents
  • Your assigned sales rep may arrange follow-on training as new product features are introduced

Who can participate

Anyone is eligible to apply, though we will review each application before welcoming you to our referral partner program. There is no cost to apply, and no ongoing membership fee to be part of this program. Please note that any referral partner who is or becomes an Infinio reseller or Infinio distributor will not be eligible to receive a referral fee under this program for any Qualified Purchase with an effective date that’s later than the effective date of their reseller and/or distributor partnership agreement with Infinio.

How to join

To get started with the program, submit an application using the button below. Once you submit your application, we will review your information and let you know our decision. When your application is approved, you’re in! You’ll be ready to start submitting leads and receiving referral fees on successful deals.

PLEASE NOTE:  All Infinio referral partners must agree to and follow the Infinio Systems, Inc. Referral Partner Program Agreement.